Close but, well, actually not close. You're wrong. The answer was 'hairdo'. Pah. You're not a hairdresser right? Because if you were a hairdresser, there'd be an awkward silence right now. There'd also be an awkward silence if you were a cowboy, but that's only because of my inappropriately-positioned Brokeback Mountain tattoo. Congratulations, you have finished with one precious life left. You are...

..a one-life Adropiean Wordmatch champion-type person!

The book on which this quiz is based is my first anthology of short stories, and I've illustrated the whole thing too. 20 stories, 29 illustrations and 10 photographs over 84 pages. I hope you like it. You can buy it via the Italic Eyeball site. In the meantime, go back to the home page  then share this quiz with your friends. (Make sure you share the home page so they start at the right place in the quiz.) Share it, make 'em giggle.

Thank you for playing!